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MLA Auto Lending Problem Update: Where are We?
November 20, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. PST (11 MST, 12 CST, 1 EST)
Estimated Duration: 90 minutes

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What is your financial institution doing about its Military Lending Act auto lending problem? XX

Almost a year ago the federal Department of Defense issued an interpretive rule that said tens of thousands of auto loans previously thought to be exempt had to comply with the MLA. That ruling left financial institutions around the country (very possibly including yours) holding tens of thousands of direct and indirect loans that are—according to the DoD—now void.

Since then, we've heard talk of imminent changes to the law or to that interpretative rule, but those changes have not occurred and there is no indication they will occur soon. Meanwhile, the problem isn't going away. It has been addressed during supervisory examinations and reportedly has been discussed at high level meetings on at least one military base.

Financial institutions holding affected loans have to decide what to do with them. There is no such thing as taking "no action;" each time you send a collection letter (or even a periodic statement) your financial institution is taking action. If the DoD intepretation stands, those actions may violate multiple state and federal laws and result in serious class litigation.

There are no good solutions, but careful planning may help your financial institution manage the risk and minimize losses.

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Speaker: Eric North

Eric North, the primary speaker at the programs listed on this site, has represented the interests of credit unions and other financial institutions as an attorney with respect to litigation, compliance, governance, bankruptcy and collections matters since 1984. Eric has appeared in state and federal courts throughout the State of California, and has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eric is also a nationally recognized speaker on legal issues relating to consumer lending institutions, and has presented hundreds of programs on behalf of national, state and local leagues and associations from around the country.

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