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Repossessions: California's Special Rules
A NorthLegal Webinar presented November 24, 2020
Duration: 2:30 hours:minutes

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California is "different" in many ways; some good, some not so much. Nowhere is this more true than in its laws—and its repossession laws are a good example of that. Because of those repossession laws, California continues to have more repossession-related class action lawsuits than any other state.

For example, California has its own variation of the Uniform Commercial Code, which differs significantly from the UCC adopted in other states. As a result, someone familiar with the UCC in Oregon or Arizona, or someone who took general repossession training that was not California-specific, could make significant errors if he or she handled a repossession in California and didn't know how that state's law is different.

To complicate matters, California has an entirely separate and very complex set of repossession rules that sometimes supplement and sometimes even contradict its Uniform Commercial Code! These rules are found in a different place in California law, so a financial institution or attorney from out of state would be likely to miss it without extensive research.

If that isn't enough, California courts have interpreted California's repossession-related laws in surprising ways. As a result, someone could carefully read California's laws and still make errors that lead to losses through litigation.

Lenders who make automobile-secured loans in California, who repossess automobiles in California, or who sue for deficiency balances in California need to know California's unique rules.

Attorney Eric North has represented and taught financial institutions with respect to California's unique repossession laws for more than 35 years and is the author of the California Repossessions Law and Procedures Guide and related forms used by many creditors. During this program, Eric talks with participants about—


NOTE: This program focuses on how California laws differ from those used in the rest of the country, and assumes participants have a general understanding of basic repossession laws.

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Speaker: Eric North

Eric North, the primary speaker at the programs listed on this site, has represented the interests of credit unions and other financial institutions as an attorney with respect to litigation, compliance, governance, bankruptcy and collections matters since 1984. Eric has appeared in state and federal courts throughout the State of California, and has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eric is also a nationally recognized speaker on legal issues relating to consumer lending institutions, and has presented hundreds of programs on behalf of national, state and local leagues and associations from around the country.

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