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This guy really knows bankruptcy law and is a great presenter – very informative and fast paced.
Syracuse, New York

I have been to other bankruptcy seminars in the past ten years, and I feel this was the most informative. I left with a better knowledge of how to handle bankruptcies in my credit union. Mr. North's presentation was excellent and enjoyable.
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

I've been to Eric North's seminars before and every time I do I come out feeling smarter. He's great, funny and energetic. Had a good time!
Sacramento, California

(Eric) Made topics interesting by giving "real" cases and adding humor.
Naperville, Illinois

I felt your language was very understandable, not in the attorney lingo – great job! I really enjoyed it.
Phoenix, Arizona

I have attended many seminars on bankruptcy but this was good because Mr. North went over things I thought I knew and didn't.
New Castle, Delaware

Better than other bankruptcy seminars attended!! New information learned! Very easy to read and understand handouts!
Honolulu, Hawaii

Attorney North was an excellent presenter of a thorny problem. He did so with a touch of humor, and gave many examples and subtopics. Wonderful job! The session passed all too quickly.
Eugene, Oregon

Eric is a very good speaker. He made his session interesting; not an easy subject to do this with. I've been in collections for 24 years and I learned some new things.
St. Petersburg, Florida

One of the few speakers I will β€˜for sure' see again if he comes to town.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Eric North was excellent. He kept his topic flowing very well. Many interesting stories and excellent information.
Bismarck, North Dakota

Eric did a good job with class interaction on a very difficult subject. Use of brainstorming extremely helpful in getting points across.
Washington, DC

The best seminar I've attended in 5 years. Mr. North is top notch.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

An outstanding seminar – left me wanting more.
Portland, Oregon

Eric, as usual, has done a wonderful job on educating us on some (excuse me) boring subjects and made them interesting and most important understandable. Everyone needs to attend at least one Eric North seminar.
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Most in depth information I've ever read. Really gets to the nitty gritty. Would be interested in hearing him again.
Little Rock, Arkansas

A lot of informative information; over-whelming how much information that I didn't know and needed to know. Would be very interested in another seminar like this one. This is the first seminar on bankruptcy that I've been to that is totally geared toward credit unions.
Albany, New York

Eric North was excellent! Well informed and interesting.
Charleston, West Virginia

Eric North has a unique ability to take complex issues and put them into useable day-to-day situations. He knows and understands the issues facing credit unions.
Sacramento, California

Wish we had another day with Eric North. I now have more confidence handling bankruptcies and collections. Thanks for putting me in the right direction.
Helena, Montana

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