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Lender Liability for Borrower Problems
With Automobile Purchases

A NorthLegal Webinar Presented December 3, 2015
Duration: Approximately 1:30 hr:min

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How will the Volkswagen scandal affect your financial institution?

Volkswagen has acknowledged that it misrepresented the emission levels of millions of model year 2009 to 2015 cars that it sold. Lawyers are lining up to solicit clients and to file lawsuits demanding, among other things, their money back.

What does this mean for consumer lenders who financed those purchases?

And the problem doesn't stop with Volkswagen. Automobile financing provides a great opportunity to earn income by rendering a valuable service, but it is certainly not without risk. Lenders frequently face borrowers' claims that dealers misrepresented the condition or history of vehicles, failed to provide proper disclosures required by law, charged inappropriate fees, failed to pay off traded-in vehicles, or even failed to clear the titles of previous owners or lienholders.

When that happens, what is your responsibility? Do you know what laws apply and what those laws say? Do you know what steps to take when there is the first hint of a problem? When a lawsuit is filed?

During this webinar, Eric North talks with lending institutions about the rights and obligations you have when a borrower raises claims about a vehicle you have financed or about the dealer who sold that vehicle. Topics will include—

Laws making the lender liable for dealer conduct—on both indirect and direct loans.

"John Decker bought his 2013 Volkswagen Jetta diesel thinking he was doing his part to improve the environment and reduce his carbon footprint.

"Now . . . he just wants the company to buy it back from him."

BloombergBusiness "Volkswagen Owners Want Payback," 9/21/2015

How debtors can use dealer and vehicle problems to gain an advantage in bankruptcy cases, and your options when responding.
Good and bad language to look for in your dealer agreement.
What you can—and can't—expect from the dealer.
Protecting your right to insurance coverage.
The role of your financial institution's attorney.
Preventive steps to consider before a problem arises in order to limit your liability.
What to do when a borrower first asserts a claim.
Steps to take when you are served with a lawsuit.

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Speaker: Eric North

Eric North, the primary speaker at the programs listed on this site, has represented the interests of consumer financial institutions as an attorney with respect to litigation, compliance, governance, bankruptcy and collections matters since 1984. Eric has appeared in state and federal courts throughout the State of California, and has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eric is also a nationally recognized speaker on legal issues relating to consumer financial institutions, and has presented hundreds of programs on behalf of national, state and local leagues and associations from around the country.
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